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Prod.nr.: SU-WILD
Sup'air high level, lettvekt konkurranse vinge. Hike & fly distanse vinge. 2 plass i x-alps 2017! Vekt fra 3,21 kg
kr 41250,00
Pris / kg:
Klassifisering: EN-D
Produsent : Sup'Air
  • Benoît Outters (2nd at the Red Bull X-Alps 2017) :

    “When I found out about a SUPAIR wing X-Alps 2017 project, I was immediately enthused by the idea of participating in its development. All took a different dimension when I realized three months later that I had been selected to participate as a pilot in the competition.

    The team gathered all its energy to be ready for D-Day with a competitive glider, and it was with great pride that I found myself at the race’s starting point with the “Wild” wing. It corresponded perfectly to what we expected from it: light, fast, performant, and usable in all flying conditions.

    In a Hike & Fly competition, it is essential to me to be able to takeoff from and land on a post stamp size location; and I was able to do just that many times during the race. The Wild’s profile offers a wide range of use; extremely tolerant, easy to handle at low speeds with excellent performance, and solid when fully accelerated.

    Piloting it using the rear risers is very effective; on long transitional glides, there is no need to touch the toggles, even downwind close to a ridge. Less than 3,2 kg. for the Wild 21 m2, everything has been optimized, with a complex but efficient internal structure design. In spite of an aspect ratio of 7, the glider remains homogeneous in flight.

    Compact and light, but designed to last, the gliders exposed to the grueling X-Alps race must be tough, and everything was well thought about to build the Wild, using durable materials.”


    COLOR :


    Competitor pilot with a huge experience and current flight hours to fly an EN D glider.
    Foot or tow launch

    Ultralight risers
    Low friction Ronstan pulleys
    Low friction rings
    Smart mini ribs
    BR3 riser for the ears
    Wingtip cleaning system

    Upper surface cloth : Porcher Sport 32 g/m² and 27 g/m²
    Inner surface cloth : Porcher Sport 27 g/m²

    Internal cells cloth : Porcher Sport 32 g/m²
    Non-supported inner cells cloth : 27 g/m²
    Lines : Edelrid
    Lower stab lines : Edelrid

    Norme EN 926 – 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 – D Class

    Made in Vietnam

    Cell number 67 67
    Flat surface area (m²) 21 23,5
    Span (m) 12,12 12,83
    Chord (m) 2.14 2.26
    Flat aspect ratio 7 7
    Projected surface area (m²) 17,53 19,62
    Projected span (m) 9,36 9,91
    Projected aspect ratio 5 5
    Glider weight (kg) 3,15 3,4
    flight weight range (kg) 72-86 80-95
    optimal flying weight (kg) 80 90
    Certification EN 926 – 1 et 2 & LTF 91/09 – Classe D  EN 926 – 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 – Classe D
    Riser number 3 +1 “baby B” 3 +1 “baby B”
    Trim no no
    Composition :

    The WILD is delivered with: WILD glider, inner bag, compression strap, pocket with repair kit, user manual (USB)

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